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Runescape clan created by Monkey9875. We are here for a social and relaxful experience while enjoying Jagex's clan setup.
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Welcome to our AWESOME website.
Any questions please contact Monkey9875, Zeh Pickle, and or a Security Officer.
Please do not forget to fill out your profile information. Click "profile" at the top to do so.
Enjoy your stay here =]
Decimate The Weak!
Post your Event ideas in the event section of the page.
Zeh Pickle shall be absent from clan activity until Thursday. 5/12/11


 STRPWNERS application

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STRPWNERS application Empty
PostSubject: STRPWNERS application   STRPWNERS application I_icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 6:10 pm

1: Character Name: STRPWNER765
2: Combat level: 97
3: Attack level: 76
4: Strength level: 81
5: Defence level: 75
6: Constitution level: 78
7: Prayer level: 47
8: Magic level: 64
9: Range level: 68

What time-zone do you live in? Central
Would you be able to download and use Ventrillo (A voice communication program)? Probably not.
Any clan experience? Yes many, I have also done admin.
Why do you want to join heavenz Rejects? Seems like a cool clan and everyone is really nice. Also I would like to help out.
Other basic skills that could benefit the clan? Don't know Very Happy
What activites or mini-games do you enjoy/play often? Castle wars and duel arena.
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STRPWNERS application
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